What inspires you?
I get inspired by sun, nature, abandoned buildings and rap music

What will you show the visitors at Lollapalooza?
I do not know yet, but it will probably be something big, bold and unique. It’s my recurring recipe.

About Finsta:
Finsta is one of Europe’s leading urban contemporary artists. His love for popular culture, and the urban environment, combined with a strong will to appear and produce works available to a broad public, has made him a pioneer in the new wave of pop artists / urban artists..
Jeanett Steinsland – Galleri Steinsland Berliner, Stockholm.

Photo: Vasiliy Kudryavtsev


What inspires you?
I can be inspired by most things! It can be a brick pattern on a building outside my studio or an old vinyl cover in my record collection. Today, mostly music has inspired me. Listening right now to Chase & Status which gives me lots of energy to create! Just fine music has throughout my life been something that pushed me. It’s almost like a kind of gasoline that needs to be refilled and gives me extra power in everything I do.

What will you show the visitors at Lollapalooza?
Live Painting! I don’t know what and exactly how, but I almost always improvise when I paint. I hope for something big with a lot of color. Live painting is fun, it gives an extra nerve to the artwork when it is created for the public and I think that is good.

Photo: Camilla Boström

Jamila Drott

Jamila Drott is an artist and graffiti writer – born in Gothenburg in 1979, now based in Malmö. Jamila works in various mediums and materials, ranging from painting to sculpture, drawing, sound and installation. She draws inspiration from pop-culture and art-history, as well as from everyday-life. Granting herself access to public space, by using the city as work space, she also lets the surrounding context influence and imprint her work.

Jamila earned a master’s degree from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2008, and before that she studied textile design at HDK – Academy of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg. Her work has been shown at Galleri Thomassen, Gothenburg, Ping-Pong in Malmö, Galleri Thomas Wallner in Simrishamn and Loop Gallery in Seoul, among other places. She has been involved in several public art projects, including at Karolinska University Hospital in Huddinge, and has been a resident artist at the Seoul Museum of Art and at ZK/U in Berlin. She currently works as a teacher at the Spinneriet school of Urban Art in Malmö.

At Lollapalooza Jamila will do a live painting session, using spray paint and acrylic paint.


Welcome to the red and white Universe of Grebnellaw, complete with subatomic beauty, futuristic sex and the biggest costumes in the Galaxy. Our population of nanofreaks will bring hope to the Planet with an over the top art-pop spectacle while we decarbonise our souls and dance to the sounds of dying fossil fuels.

Since 2014 this risk-taking participatory art collective have been stirring up festivals, club nights and art events around the country with multi-sensorial hypnotic Electronic music performances that mix the provocative with the comic. Both their antics and their wildly elaborate inflatable costumes and makeup draw inspiration from various forms of Visual Art, Bauhaus, Art Pop, ceremonies, and fetish. As such, Grebnellaw’s performances aim not only to entertain, arouse the audiences, but to demonstrate the possibility of a temporary escape from the tedium of gender identity, social conformity and the daily grind.

With a very special installation for Lollapalooza; Grebnellaw will parade the festival in their signature inflatable costumes unlocking those primal instincts to dress and act in whichever way one’s imagination conjures. Grebnellaw will also create a chill out space and of course perform their faster than light live set!