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Sat 6/29

Perry’s Stage


The story of how Alan Walker went from a bedroom producer in Bergen to having more than 12 billion audio and video streams globally must be the daydream of every young, aspiring laptop-producer. Walker, at the time only 18 years old, drew his inspiration from a subgenre called drumstep and uploaded his instrumental track Fade to the NoCopyrightSounds channel on YouTube. As the name implies, this means that the tracks can be freely used, which allowed it to be widely used in gaming videos and various other user-created content. This clever use of digital platforms eventually yielded the attention of a major label. After signing in 2015 they released an updated, vocal version of the song called Faded and the rest is EDM history. The British-Norwegian producer has since then proven that the enormous success with his debut had nothing to do with luck. Sing Me To Sleep, Alone, Tired, Ignite and All Falls Down are some of the massive songs he released. And whether it’s his own songs, collaborations or remixing royalties such as Bruno Mars, Miley Cirus and SIA – Alan Walker’s patented blend of downtempo beats and sentimental, harmonic melodies has remained intact.

Even though Walker already has played hundreds of shows across the world, this talented youngster shows no signs of slowing down. Recently he released the singles Darkside and Diamond Heart, both taking from his coming debut album Different World on which the artist will address his deep distress over global warming. Like Alan, his devoted community of fans known as Walkers, cover their face with masks and wears black hoodies. So all you Walkers out there: come help Alan Walker turn Lollapalooza into a beautiful gathering for his growing music cult.