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Sun 6/28


Never less than fascinating. Always balancing between subtle, sleek pop music and ghostly, dark r’n’b for the twilight hours. Banks latest and most celebrated album, III, deals with ”the transition between a girl and a wise woman”. Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar about songs such as Sawzall and What About Love she said: ”They feel to me like they come from this really pure place, when you’re really bright-eyed and young, before you’ve gone through stuff. It’s not that you’re naïve, but you haven’t been hurt yet, so you view things with a different-colored glasses on.”
Jillian Rose Banks, born in California, has a tendency to put a spell on her listeners with her songs and sounds. A lot of people became aware of Banks when her song Crowded Places, a quiet, moving lullaby, was used in an important scene in the TV-series Girls. Her biggest hit yet is the powerful ballad Beggin For Thread, a song that seem to connect with every listener in the same way Banks’ live shows are an emotional and heart wrenching ride.