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Fri 6/28

Tower Stage


We live in an age where sincerity and honesty have become the keys to success. Today, many young artists have come to embrace their uniqueness and peculiarities, setting the norm to not have a norm. Yet Billie Eilish pushes that limit even further, and her beautifully tragic and truthful pop alongside with her. At only 16-years old she manages to map out an entire emotional field to guide you through and mend your broken heart in. In a time where the most excessive and maximal dominates our senses, Billie Eilish’s quiet, but dramatically vast pop songs, cancels out the noise and keeps us present.

Since she first appeared on stage a couple of years ago it has felt like she’s been here forever – the voice to count on and friend to trust and find comfort in. At the present Billie Eilish has over 750 million streams worldwide, without even releasing an album yet. Her debut single ocean eyes already bears legacy to an artist in constant growth, and for every single that is released Billie Eilish manages to widen her artistic scope. The much anticipated debut album is expected to release in the beginning of next year and it’s an not an overstatement to say that the whole world is holding their breath.