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Sat 6/29

Park Stage


Becoming one of the world’s most successful rock bands was never in the prophecy for Bring Me The Horizon. Yet here they are, mostly thanks to themselves and their ambition to carve their own faith no matter what. And Sheffield’s own BMTH has never walked the path of least resistance. Starting out as a deathcore band, switching to metalcore before finally creating their own space somewhere in between heavy metal and pop. The music remained crushingly heavy and brutally effective, but also began to incorporate elements of keyboards and odd electronic twists. The vocals evolved as well. Lead singer Oli Sykes started experimenting with a variety of expression to channel his inner turmoil. But whether Sykes screams, sings, growls or whispers it remains therapeutic and relatable.

With their grand, eclectic album That’s The Spirit (2015) BMTH demanded to be seen in a new light and cemented their position as a gateway band to heavy music. The album received critical acclaim and was rightfully dubbed “future-proof rock”. After a cryptic campaign, signs reading “do you wanna join my cult?”, BMTH returned earlier this year with immediate fan-favorite MANTRA which was followed by the bluesy wonderful filth, featuring Dani Filth from Cradle of Filth, both from their coming sixth studio album amo that also includes a collaboration with Grimes. This summer, BMTH will bring their tight, loud, well-oiled rock machine to Lollapalooza!