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To declare yourself to be the best boy band in the world might put a lot of pressure on you, but BROCKHAMPTON is able to carry that title with pride. Releasing three albums during the 2017’s, the SATURATION-trilogy has already made history. Since their beginning, with every project they drop, the self-declared boy band reconstructs all of the greatest components of hip hop and R&B to constantly produce something demandingly and constantly novel, engaging and playfully experimental. As they’re embarking on another trilogy, with this year’s IRIDESCENCE first in line, they continue to push the history of hip hop along with them – and what’s best, this is just the beginning.

Founded by Kevin Abstract, BROCKHAMPTON consists of thirteen kids, all filling different roles to create a self sufficient creative enterprise. Made of rappers, directors, photographers, engineers, producers, graphic designers, and DJs the group is able to execute a fully unified and realized artistic vision. After finding each other on a Kanye West forum in the mid 2010’s and releasing sporadic singles through 2015’s and 2016’s, the 13-member crew has become a full creative powerhouse. Since the 2017’s BROCKHAMPTON every album release and stand-alone singles have been met with unanimous praise from both fans and critics. Garnering a devoted fanbase globally, together with the success of this year’s album IRIDESCENCE climbing to #1 on the Billboard list, BROCKHAMPTON already has evidence telling testimony to their already cult status.