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Fri 6/28

Perry’s Stage


Eric Prydz was among the pioneers mixing dance music and pop. For many artists, going pop – successfully – would mean staying pop. But that is not the case for Eric Prydz, whose mix of gaining attention in the mainstream while maintaining an ever-growing credibility in the underground remains quite rare. On one hand, Prydz has under his own name continued to produce straightforward, club-oriented house with inspiration from the 80’s – playing alongside Avicii, Calvin Harris and David Guetta at Ultra, Tomorrowland and many other prominent stages. On the other hand, the Swedish DJ has his labels Mouseville, Pryda and Pryda Friends that are brimming with underground club hits, spinning at niched clubs and selling huge quantities of vinyl. These labels also serve as a platform for Pryds many aliases such as Pryda, Cirez D and A & P Project. Monikers he uses to experiment with even more progressive house as well as techno.

Given the fact that Eric Prydz produces so much quality music under so many different names, it’s quite hard to keep track of everything he releases. In one way or another, he is always relevant. But in 2016, under the name Eric Prydz, he released his debut album Opus which among others featured the majestic, 9-minute-long title track that become an unlikely hit. A song that also found a fan in left-field producer Four Tet, that even requested to do a remix. At Lollapalooza this summer you will be able to enjoy what many consider to be one of the best DJ’s in the world.