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In 2012 Fricky started doing hip hop in his hometown Umeå with his friend Johan Bäckström (Broder John). Together they created an album called Mauro, which was released under the name "Broder John & Friman". In 2017 Fricky quickly gained notoriety following his accidental smash hit “Hon Få Mig” instantly recognizable by his witty lyricism and playful melodies. The song demonstrated his musical range and was the beginning of an ongoing collaboration with producer Academics. Together the duo pushed the fusion of hip hop, R&B, and dancehall and in march 2018, Fricky released his debut EP, entitled Aqua Aura, ". The latter being one of the most streamed songs on Spotify in Sweden that year. The EP includes productions from von Haartman and Broke n Tipsy and a guest appearance from young rap-sensation Jireel. His genre-bending works have inspired the likes of many and have attracted attention from a number of important artists and producers. Earlier this year Fricky won the prestigious award “Artist of the year” at the P3 Guld Award.