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Sat 6/29

Bay Stage


Barely two years has passed since Hov1 entered the Swedish music scene and they are already breaking records. Both their albums stuck to the top of the album charts, they have almost 200 million streams and every song they released so far ended up on the Spotify Top 50 Sweden. Add some of the most devoted fans imaginable and a long row of sold-out shows and you get the picture. The fact that the band still feel that things are moving to slow speaks volumes on their huge ambitions and confidence. And why wouldn’t they be confident? Having the ability to capture the spirit of the present is a rare talent that only a few artists every generation are blessed with. And childhood friends Ludvig Kronstrand, Noel Flike, Dante Lindhe and producer Axel Liljefors Jansson certainly have that gift. With lyrics that portrays the essence of being young in 2018, they have carved the sound of today with razor-sharp precision. It’s romance, it’s heartbreak and it’s self-validation. Everything rapped or sung over contemporary and highly infectious beats topped with hooks made for remembering. Your parents might not understand, but then again, they aren’t supposed to.

Only a year after their self-titled debut, Hov1 released their sophomore album Gudarna på Västerbron (2018) and with songs such as Hon dansar vidare I livet, Pari (featuring Jireel) and Auf Wiedersehen they cemented their position as the voice of a generation. This summer, Hov1 will take another step to total domination as they take the stage at Lollapalooza.