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Fri 6/28

Park Stage


In every generation there’s a few artists that achieves a larger than life-status. How it happens is not an exact science, not measurable with streaming numbers or airplay, but characterized by a sense of absolute necessity. In Sweden, Hurula is one of those artists. Sprung from a solid background in punk rock Hurula released his first solo album Vi är människorna våra föräldrar varnade oss för in 2014 and what in fact was a debut felt more like the long-awaited return of an old friend. With lyrics covering resignation, poltics and boredom Hurula extols the blessings and the curses of being forever rejected and thus quickly became the voice for everyone that swore to never turn out like their parents.

Following a critically acclaimed debut is not an easy task, but Hurula has managed to be consistent. 2016 his sophomore album Vapen till dom hopplösa was released and last year the EP Oss är allt saw the the light. And what is amazing recorded is arguably even more amazing in concert. Hurula’s live shows are admittedly powerful, with the frontperson himself wandering back and forth on stage to the sound of pounding drums and screaming guitars. And every sentence, word and syllable are delivered with a sincerity impossible to question. In the beginning of 2019 Hurula was awarded with a Swedish Grammy for Best Rock, following the release of his EP ”Oss är allt”. A few weeks later he released his new critically acclaimed album ”Klass”