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Sat 6/27


You won’t forget this gig. IDLES aren’t exactly shy or ashamed of themselves. And why should they? Without preaching and without appearing superior these Bristol punks make you want to revalue, they make you want to change, they see every human as a hope and as an asset rather than a burden. A lot of people have a lot to learn from them. And a lot of people actually do learn from them. A self-help fanbase is a by-product of their existence. Idles are one of those bands whose music you don’t even have to like to enjoy their live show. They’re violent, loud and… compassionate. They’ll blow you away. They’ll remind what a thrill it is to be alive. They’ll take on masculinity, grief and politics. Though somehow Joe Talbot and his four friends never fail to make the audience feel good.
IDLES has been around for about a decade now. Their discography include two albums, Brutalism and Joy As An Act Of Resistance. The last one got five stars from NME who called it ”an instant classic”. IDLES are about unity and respect. They told The Irish Times: ”Essentially, the music – as well as the music in a live setting – is for people to share how they’re feeling, to feel safe in doing so, and not to think they’re being reprimanded, scorned or ignored.” When you see them you’ll understand. You surely won’t forget.