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Sat 6/29

Bay Stage


Laleh is not only one of Scandinavia’s biggest artist, selling out arenas and tours in a matter of days, she is also the first woman in history to win a Grammis for producer of the year back in 2005. A price she won again in 2016 along with a Grammis for Pop of the Year. In a world where mostly men become legends this woman has shaped history for the past years and will do so in the future, her way. While most artists, whether they like it or not, are quite easy to describe, Laleh’s musical expression has always been limitless, so no song is like the other. She is a rare combination of anunconventional and uncompromising free spirited artist and a hit making engineer. But more than anything she communicates a feeling of true freedom. And perhaps that is the reason why the love for Laleh is so unconditional.

Apart from being a critically acclaimed artist, Laleh has also made quite a name for herself in the world of song-writing and producing. 4 years ago she moved to Los Angeles, where she is based now, to become a part of the prominent collective Wolf Cousins which include pop royals such as Shellback and Max Martin. Some of the artists that owe queen Laleh credit for song-writing and production includes Adam Lambert, Tori Kelly, Demi Lovato, Shaws Mendes, Daya and British star Elle Goulding. But nothing about this is surprising for us swedes, we have known for 14 years that Laleh is anything but ordinary. At Lollapalooza this summer we will finally have the chance to celebrate this truly unique artist.