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The Swedish rapper Linda Pira had her breakthrough in 2012 when she was featured on the artist Stor's single "Rom och Kush". A year later, in 2013 Swedish national television broadcasted a six episode documentary series “Linda Pira - Som du inte visste om” about Pira’s life and music career. The producer Agnes-Lo Åkerlind described Pira with the words "She is thoughtful and rational, political and at the same time she is not, a person who seeks adrenaline kicks and chill. She is a role model but is still doing her own thing. Also she works in an industry where the female sex is underrepresented and that is interesting to me". In 2014, Linda Pira received an award at Grammisgalan in the category "Best Newcomer". The debut album “Legendarisk” was released in November 2019.