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Sat 6/27


Solo Dance changed everything for Martin Jensen. Where this six-foot-tall Danish DJ previously had been popular in his home country, this track opened a lot of doors and suddenly turned him into a global star. Now Solo Dance is a phenomenon that has been played more than 500 miljoner times on Spotify. Martin Jensen, who grew up in Silkesborg and these days is based in Copenhagen, burst into the electronic music scene with the spectacular debut single Sí where he incorporated a sample of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo bellowing the eponymous exclamation.
Other tunes you might have heard from Martin Jensen is All I Wanna Do, Middle Of The Night, Miracles and Galway Girl. He also has done remixes for Ed Sheehan, Katy Perry and George Ezra, to name a few, and hosts a monthly radio show. All this is of course quite a feat for someone who originally wanted to take more of a ”behind the scenes” role in the music business. About his own craft he’s said: ”I’m drawn to the songs that get into your head and seem to stay there. That’s the music that I love to create.”