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Fri 6/28

Perry’s Stage


Maya is somewhat of an enigma in today’s music world; on a typical Maya Jane Coles record, Maya will have written, produced, engineered, arranged, mixed and performed every element of the track; sometimes top-lining and, on many occasions, even designing the sleeve artwork too. Maya is no overnight success, rather someone who has been paying their dues and honing their craft for years. In 2017 Maya released her most substantial body of work to date; her sophomore album Take Flight on own label I/AM/ME.

Maya has played in over 40 countries. Gigging from the Tate Modern to MOMA, Brighton Football Stadium, cranes, hotels, car parks, bridges, deserts, fashion launches, mountains, muddy fields, beaches, not to mention the most prestigious clubs in the world. Critical and fan support have closely followed her career with Maya picking up multiple awards from a variety of media. On top of this, she has amassed millions of plays on Youtube and Spotify, and can boast a staggering amount of SoundCloud followers. Maya Jane Coles obviously plays in her own league, and this summer she’ll hit the stage at Lollapalooza.