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If they wanted, Hollywood could make a blockbuster film based on the story of Mike Perry. Guy in his 30’s works as a car factory worker in a small town, writes a song and a few weeks later it has conquered the global charts. All of this without the help from a major label. This is exactly what happened for Mike Perry, birth name Mikael Persson, from Skövde a few years ago. The song in question is of course The Ocean (feat. Shy Martin), which with its pulsating beat, chill atmosphere and infectious melodies created a tidal wave in 2016. Everyone heard it! Mike Perry was all the sudden not fixing cars anymore and instead found himself being a sought-after global hitmaker. Today the song has more than 550 million streams on Spotify alone, which put him on the limited list of artists with over 1 billion streams in total.

Perry himself prides himself for not overcomplicating thigs, instead aiming to simply make the best, most positive 21st century dance music possible. This formula worked more than well on The Ocean and it has continued to serve the Swedish DJ. Follow-up singles such as Inside The Line (feat. Casso), Touching You Again (feat. Hot Shade and Jane XØ) and Talk About It (feat. Hot Shade) has won Perry an even bigger following. With his fresh new track Lighthouse (1 million streams in just a few days!) in his luggage Mike Perry will take his summery vibes to Lollapalooza this summer. Adding another chapter to his unforeseen success story.