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Fri 6/28

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Molly Sandén’s recent transformation is nothing but astonishing. Having spent most of her life in the spotlight, the former child-star decided to take creative control of her artistic destiny when making her latest, celebrated, soon-to-go platinum album Större (2018). When looking through poems saved on her cellphone, Sandén discovered the first building block of what later would become her most personal effort so far. The music, contemporary pop blended with r ‘n’ b, proved to be the perfect vehicle for Sandéns confessional lyrics: Heartbreaks stripped from clichés and relatable struggles with self-validation and finding yourself again. Everything sung with one of the most powerful voices that the Swedish pop scene has to offer. There is also the thin-skinned hit Sand, where the artist addresses the hardships of living a life deprived of privacy. A life where your every move is observed, scrutinized and judged. But even though Sandén rebels against the suffocating, unrealistic expectations of being a role model, the artist has certainly used her platform to inspire and communicate with young people. Winning her a devoted community of fans.

When Molly Sandén released her debut album Samma Himmel in 2009, she was barely 16 years old. In 2012 she experimented with singing in English on Unchanined. Now that Sandén decided to let her fans under her skin with Större, going back to her native tongue was the only option. At Lollapalooza this summer, Molly Sandén will bring her great talent, blessed voice and raw honesty for a show that will be as intimate as powerful. After all, this is what she’s made for.