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One of the most talked-about and in demand techno DJ’s for quite some time now. Producer, sometimes vocalist and DJ Nina Kraviz hails from Irkutsk in Sibiria. It was there she got into electronic music. She used to listen to early-hours radio broadcasts on the Europa Plus network. Later, in Moscow, Nina worked as a dentist who fixed the cosmonauts’ teeth! By 2008 she was playing a regular night at the Propaganda Club in Moscow. These days she’s the creative force behind sold-out raves, unique sounds and those mesmerizing Fabric remixes.
Nina Kraviz released her self-titled debut album in 2012. It was followed by a number of albums, singles, EP’s, remixes and compilations on different labels, as well as a DJ-Kicks mix album in 2015. Talking to Interview magazine, Nina explained the feeling when magic happens while she’s behind the decks: ”I had this show in Austin. The crowd was really mixed, literally mixed. Racially, sexually, socially – it was so good. For two, three hours you feel this unity that you wish would continue, and everything would be as unified as it was just a few hours ago and people would be accepting each other.”