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Fri 6/28

Bay Stage


There is something refreshing about artists that takes pride in making pop music. Norlie & KKV belongs to that category. This bombastic duo makes no attempt to hide their love for catchy hooks, strong refrains and relatable lyrics. And by now, everyone is aware that they execute it better than most. Following the same tradition that Daniel Adams-Ray and Oskar Linnros refined, Norlie & KKV are the torchbearers destined to carry Swedish pop into the future. Much like their predecessors they occupy the space between hip-hop and pop, making the transition seamless. Add uncensored, biographical lyrics that describes the many pains of being young and the puzzle is complete. Today, Norlie & KKV’s songs have more than 300 million streams on Spotify and they also won some of the most die-hard fans imaginable – fans that helped them break the high-attendance record at Gröna Lund.

Sonny "Norlie" Fahlberg and Kim "KKV" Vadenhag, both from Stockholm, met each other through a hip-hop forum and one thing led to another. In 2011 they released their first single När jag går ner and in 2013 their debut album Snart won them a P3-Guld Award for Best New Act. Despite their immediate impact, they have pursued an upward climb with smash hits such as Ingen annan rör mig som du and Din idiot. And with their latest tracks Mer tid för varandra and Om du lämnar mig nu, Norlie & KKV shows that they are as hungry as ever. This summer, we are proud to welcome the princes of pop to Lollapalooza.