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What we can learn from Of Monster and Men’s success is that there’s no such thing as a given formula. Barely out of their teens this Icelandic 6-piece band playing acoustic-driven alt-rock, using off-kilter instruments such as accordion and trumpet, managed to conquer the world almost overnight. Their debut album My Head Is An Animal, including the rolling hit Little Talks, became an international smash. It entered the Billboard 200 at number six, the best chart performance for an Icelandic musical artist in the U.S. history.
Two more albums, Beneath The Skin (2015) and Fever Dream (2019), have once and for all established Of Monsters and Men in their home country and abroad. The band has also showed an unwillingness to get stuck in a specific sound. AllMusic said it best: ”With Fever Dream, Of Monsters and Men took a chance and rediscovered their creativity, embarking in a colorful and bold direction without sacrificing their heart and soul in the process.”