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Fri 6/26


Thanks to TikTok Regard’s atmospheric remix of Jay Sean’s eleven year old r’n’b hit Ride It has become a viral and global sensation. Behind the name is a Kosovo-based DJ, producer and artist who was born as Dardan Aliu. He explained why he choose to do a remix of Ride It in an interview with Celeb Mix: ”I’ve worked on a lot of older songs because I tend to prefer older music more than modern ones, I feel like I can really bring something new to older songs with new production techniques and styles that I use.”
Dardan Aliu started his career in 2008 playing EDM, later switched to deep house, and is seen as a dance music pioneer in the Balkans. He is influenced by everyone from Avicii and Tiësto to Michael Jackson and George Michael, and has been doing this full time since 2015. Expect nothing but good vibes during his set at Lollapalooza Stockholm.