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Fri 6/26


She felt she didn’t belong in the Swedish music world. So Snoh Aalegra gave all her best to succeed within the highly competitive American soul scene. And, against all odds, she has succeeded. Now this remarkable talent raised in Enköping has released two albums, had Prince as a mentor (secretive as he was, he didn’t want to tell Snoh how he had discovered her music) and collaborated with stars such as Common and Vince Staples.
As a kid, Snoh Aalegra saw Whitney Houston in The Bodyguard and knew right away what she would do with her life. Like Brandy, her perhaps biggest influence, she sings about real stuff such as pain, loss and love. ”It is all framed by sparse percussion, bass, and guitar solos that I imagine would make Prince proud”, Paper Magazine wrote about this year’s much-praised album – Ugh, Those Feels Again. About working in USA, she has said: ”Soul and R&B has its roots here in America, and I just wanted to work with the real deal, and I’ve been learning so much and becoming a way better vocalist and it’s just such a blessing.”