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Fri 6/28

Park Stage


Did the Hellacopters save rock’n’roll? Damn right they did. When these crude punks got together in Stockholm in the mid-90’s, they ignited a spark that set the rock’n’roll community ablaze. Suddenly, rock’n’roll was fun again. It was dangerous. It was alive! Soon after their formation in 1994, the Hellacopters received accolades for their catchy-as-hell songs and take-no-prisoners attitude on stage. They cranked out singles like there was no tomorrow and won a Swedish Grammy in 1996 for the wonderful noisy album Supershitty to the Max! (1996). The band’s significance when it comes to the re-birth of rock’n’roll can’t be overestimated. The albums Payin’ the Dues (1997) and Grande Rock (1999) saw the Hellacopters honing their craft. The band then released their major label debut High visibility (2000) to much critical acclaim. The album went gold, so did the follow up By the Grace of God (2002) and the band continued to deliver the goods with Rock & Roll is Dead (2005) and Head Off (2008).

In 2008, after several albums and world tours, the band ran out of fuel and decided to take a well needed break. After an eight-year hiatus, the Hellacopters reformed in 2016 with the original line-up for a unique show to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their ground-breaking debut album. What was supposed to be a one-off performance soon turned into something else. The beast was awakened. The Hellacopters are back! Come hail the saviors of rock’n’roll at Lollapalooza this summer!