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Sat 6/27


Taylor Momsen don’t hold back on her ambitions. In 2013 the singer told Rolling Stone: ”Rock & roll needs to make a resurgence. It needs to come back in a big way and take over again.” Words are one thing, but her band The Pretty Reckless has swagger, riffs and songs enough to back them up. Or, as AllMusic described the music, ”their loud, cocksure, arrogant, and irresistible brand of heavy rock”. In this New York band you may hear traces of Led Zeppelin, Heart, Queen, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, and Hole, but they’re no copycats. The Pretty Reckless are as convincing and raw as they are entertaining, all reinforced by Momsen’s raspy voice and intense delivery. It’s no wonder they’ve topped Billboard’s Mainstream Rock chart four times – with the songs Heaven Knows, Messed Up World (F’d Up World), Follow Me Down and Take Me Down.
About ten years ago they started out as The Reckless. In former model and actor (Gossip Girl) Taylor Momsen the band has a charismatic and outgoing vocalist whose stage presence is enough to hold a sizable crowd in the palm of her hand. Three albums into their career, The Pretty Reckless are now working on a fourth with the help of Matt Cameron from Soundgarden and Pearl Jam. We can’t wait to hear the new stuff at Lollapalooza Stockholm.