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Thomas is one of Sweden’s most appreciated artists and has gone through several rounds of self- criticism and euphoria. He has done his 10 000 hours. Born and raised in Uddevalla where he in 2010 was awarded the Ted Gärdestad scholarship which led him into the never-ending world of music. In 2014 he released his album ‘’Fulkultur’’ along with his most streamed single ‘’Slå mig hårt i ansiktet’’ which got nominated for both Grammis and P3 guld. In 2020 Thomas released his single ‘’Ser du månen där du är ikväll?’’ which was the leitmotif for the Swedish cancer fund’s winter campaign, which at the time of writing has gone triple platinum. Thomas has found a home in a sound where he shines through
at his very best and we are looking forward to welcoming him to Lollapalooza Stockholm 2023!

Thomas Stenström - Andas in andas ut