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He’s been through trials and tribulations. But he’s never given up, never lost focus on what be wants to be, and he has used his experiences as fuel to push forward. Now Tyla Yaweh is one of the hottest rappers around. He may have been born in Florida, as Tyler Brown, but things really took off for him when he relocated to Los Angeles in 2015. There he signed with Post Malone’s label London Entertainment and he has also toured with Post Malone.
As a kid Tyla Yaweh supported himself as a drug dealer. When he was discovered by his mother he got kicked out of the house. At times he was homeless, or he slept wherever he could find a place. Eventually he turned to music and set out a goal to become one of the game’s biggest stars. In an interview with L’Officiel he talked about his inspirations: ”Jim Morrison. James Brown. Me. These people taught me how to be myself, have confidence, and just explore and utilize my imagination and my talents.” On this year’s debut album Heart Full Of Rage Tyla Yaweh merges hip-hop, trap, r’n’b, pop och grunge, all delivered with an attitude that goes hand in hand with his main aim: ”always being Tyla Yaweh”.