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Sun 6/30

Bay Stage


In today’s hip hop, what’s important isn’t what you have to say, it’s how you say it. The flag-carrier of this new aesthetic is Young Thug, the Atlanta rapper who keeps breaking barriers and pushing the limits on how to rap. Sometimes he splutters, sometimes he sings and sometimes he shouts – all within the realm of what hip hop is in 2019. His distinct and fully unique flow can be heard on a bunch of mix tapes and albums, with the latest one being the critically acclaimed ”Slime Language” from 2018. Always well-dressed, Young Thug doesn’t care about the gender marking on clothes. Just as he proclaimed in his commercial for Calvin Klein – you can be a gangsta with a dress, or you can be a gangsta with baggy pants.

Young Thug rose to prominence through his collaborations with other rappers, and every time his unique voice strikes, the feel of the song immediately changes. Not many other rappers is as influential, groundbreaking and eccentric as Young Thug – this summer he’ll be at Lollapalooza for his first performance in Stockholm.