Music knows no age, so why not bring the whole family? Let your kids become rock stars in their own Kidzapalooza world and get them ready for those big stages.

Welcome to Kidzapalooza, the kids’ own festival area within the festival!

Kidzapalooza makes Lollapalooza Stockholm a great festival for all ages – a world full of adventure and experiences for the whole family. Take your kids to see your favorite bands and retreat back to an area filled with entertainment and activities that encourage playfulness, creativity and laughter.

Experience live music at Kidzapalooza

Enjoy lots of performances every day on the Kidzapalooza stage, with exciting acts such as James Hollingworth, Britta Persson, Orkester Pop, Oscar Danielson, Maria Llerena – among other activities such as a mini disco and theater shows.

Get creative in the workshop tents

Apart from the activities in the area (everything from trying out parkour to get your favorite song played by a mini orchestra) there will be several workshop tents where the minors can compose their own songs, build their own instruments, and much more.


Kidzapalooza has its own program specially designed for the youngest!.


  • Kidzapalooza has its own kid friendly restaurants, toilets and info center.
  • If needed, you can bring a stroller into the Kidzapalooza area.
  • The Kids- and Youth tickets includes ear protection.
  • The Kids- and Youth ticket holders (with families) has their own entrance with shorter lines, where you’ll get the equipment and festival info needed.


  • Kidzapalooza is adjusted for children up to 10 years old, but everyone is welcome!
  • There is no childcare on site. The accompanying adult is responsible for their child.
  • All Kidzapalooza guests need a valid festival ticket. We offer special Kids tickets (0-10 years) for 150 SEK and Youth Tickets (11-12 years) for 500 SEK. More information about the tickets can be found here: Tickets.
  • All kids are free to enter the full festival area (apart from the Platinum and VIP area), but need to wear protective earmuffs outside of Kidzapalooza.
  • Kidzapalooza is open until 20:00 every day.

Come join the fun!