The Lolla Experience

With 3 days, 4 stages and over 70 artists, the Lolla lineup will make hands wave, heads nod and crowds holler.

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In June 2019, one of the world’s biggest and most iconic festivals is coming to Stockholm with an epic weekend of non-stop good vibes, music and a 360° experience that goes way beyond artists, bands and DJs.

Best of all – it’s in the very heart of Stockholm – close to everything!

The Lolla Culture.

Something started in ’91, and we just can’t stop.
With the Windy City of Chicago as home town, Lollapalooza has grown into an international music event of colorfulness and creativity in the US, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Berlin, Paris – and now Stockholm – with 1,5 million fans attending each year from all over the globe.

Stockholm’s Best Eats.

We lo lo love food! Lollapalooza Stockholm will collect some of the city’s most delicious restaurants with focus on locally grown and produced ingredients, offering tasty and sustainable options for everyone. Head over to Lolla Eats to check out our tasty food program with over 40 restaurants, or Beer Fest to find out more about our own beer festival with over 30 brews from all over the world!

Lolla Cares.

One of the best things about bringing thousands of enthusiastic, like-minded people together? Making a difference! Ever since the first festival, Lollapalooza has been a place where music fans can be part of helping the world around them.

Lolla Cares brings together the best of the world’s organizations and puts them in front of festival fans all over the world to bring awareness to amazing causes. Lollapalooza Stockholm supports the following organizations that will be represented at the festival:

World leading children rights organisation that is working in over 190 countries for children’s right to safety, survival, development and influence.

The largest animal rights organisation in Sweden. They are striving for a world where animals are respected as sentient beings with the right to their own lives.

Amnesty International works with the goal that human rights should apply to everyone, now and in the future.

Dare to Care is an education and communication concept working for safe environments without sexual abuse in the live music world and society at large.

Lolla Is Your World.

Lolla features sweet photogenic spots, interactive areas with giveaways and tons of merch to swag out with.
There’s even a mini-fest for the kiddos: Kidzapalooza.